Chin Implants

Mentoplasty is a surgical procedure employed to augment the chin using implants, fat, or injectable fillers. Even an untrained eye will unconsciously focus on the lack of a chin because it disturbs overall facial balance. Chin Implants can be a beautiful adjunct procedure to improve the outcome of rhinoplasty and facelift surgery by bringing the whole face back into harmony.

Am I a Good Candidate for this procedure?

Any one or combination of the following conditions may indicate that you are a good candidate for chin implants:


Your chin is underprojected or sits too far back from your face


Your face feel undefined

Considering Mentoplasty

Chin implants can help balance the profile and proportions of the face, increase the projection of the chin, and improve the appearance of the neck.

How Will My Plastic Surgeon Evaluate Me?

You should come to the consultation prepared to discuss your medical history including previous surgeries, past and present medical conditions and current medications.

Dr. Bundrick and Dr. O’Neal will examine your chin’s shape, placement, size, and symmetry.

What is the Procedure Like?

Surgery is performed in an operating room, either in an office-based surgery facility, ambulatory surgery center, or hospital.

A small incision is made either inside the mouth or underneath the skin of the chin. After the implant is placed, the incision is then closed with sutures.

The procedure may take 45 minutes to an hour. 

Post-Procedure Actions

The patient will have gauze covering the chin with a compression bandage to keep it tight. The law and teeth may be sore and soft foods are recommended.

The Results

When the doctor removes your bandages after a week, other than being swollen and red, are the permanent results.

Eventually the small incision scars will fade. 


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